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Add a touch of elegance with Mirrors for your special event

We have a large selection of signs for hire for every event

Custom Acrylic Signs 

Ask us for a quote on any shape, size & colour with custom decals 

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar


Dark metal easel $10
Dark brown wooden easel $15
Rose gold easel $20
Artist easel allowing custom flowers $20
Tripod Easel $15, Flowers $15
White easel $10
Fantail easel $15
White wooden easel $10, Custom flowers $15
Fantail easels $15 each
Vintage wooden gold easel $15
Rose gold easel $20
White easel $15
Tripod easels $15 each
Ornate wooden easel $20
Wooden easel with multiple heights and flower section $20
White wooden easel $10, flower garland $5
White fantail easel $15
White easel $10
Cream easel $10
Cream easel $10
Vintage green easel small $5
White hearts easel $15
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